We All Fall Down

Ava’s favorite new song/game is Ring Around the Roses.  When it comes to we all fall down, I squat down as each day it takes more and more energy to get back up.  However, my husband the good sport that he is falls to the ground and then Ava runs at him and pushes him till he is flat on his back.  We then repeat this process until Will or I get tired (Ava never tires of this game).

I thought about that this weekend as I was having an emotional breakdown.  Every once in a while the stars aligns perfectly and everything seems to go wrong all at once.  Unfortunately, this time it took a toll on me and I fell down too.

keep-tryingIt is amazing the resilience of children.  They can fall down and then get up again and keep trying to do something.  I wonder as adults at times where our resilience in things goes.  I couldn’t help but wonder if our adult logic gets in our way of getting back up and trying again.

Liam the other day was having a hard time putting a puzzle together.  He insisted on doing it himself, however every few minutes he would declare that he was giving up.  He then would continue on trying.  He eventually succeeded and was very proud of himself.  I was proud of him too.  He struggled and had a difficult time, yet even though he wanted to give up, he kept on trying.  I reflected on how many times in my life things were difficult and I struggled.  How many times did I persevere and how many times did I just give up? Why is that as adults many times we forget the old adage, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”?

My goal for the next few weeks as I feel I have been tested more and more in this area is to not give up so quickly. Whether it is a physical, emotional, or mental challenge, I am going to take the lesson my children have taught me and try, try again. At the end of the day even if I am not able to accomplish whatever challenge it may be, I can feel good about giving it my all and reflecting back the same admirable behavior that I am so proud of my children for portraying.




One thought on “We All Fall Down

  1. This is wonderful. We can certainly learn a lot from our children. I have taken a long look at myself since I have had my daughter. I have learned a great deal from watching her play & learned a lot about myself mirrored in her similarities to me. It is truly amazing.

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