A Motherless Daughter

Thoughts, feelings, coping with the prognosis of mother’s Glioblastoma diagnosis.

What if you knew you had to say goody bye?  Would the time be helpful in preparing yourself or would it seem like needless torture?  I feel like a fish on a hook.  I am wiggling on the line and I just wish either someone would cut me loose or whack me over the head so I am no longer in the limbo of living or dying.

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Lose Yourself

The numbness I felt after the attack was a welcomed relief.  I had been through so much in the nine months leading up to it, that feeling nothing was a pleasure.  Even so, I had a nagging feeling it would not last forever.  I knew that once the numbness wore off, it would take everything…

Congratulations Supreme Court

Today has been a very emotional day for many people, particularly if you are a woman in the United States. Before I get into the heart of what I want to say, I think we should all stop and congratulate all the people who believe that the overturn of Roe vs Wade was a good…

Education Built on the Backs of Our Children

A man walks into a doctor’s office.  He sits down nervously in a chair and waits for the doctor to join him.  While he waits, he looks around the room at the accolades that the doctor has received.  His eyes finally land on the prominently framed Harvard Medical School Diploma.  Still a little nervous, but…

Black and White, or Maybe It’s Gray

Sigh “Mommy what’s wrong?” “Nothing sweetie.  Why?” “I heard you go like this (heavy breath)” “Oh, mommy was just frustrated on what she was hearing on the radio.” “What?  What happened?”  Ugh, how do I explain this to him. “Remember how you learned in school about Dr. King and all the things that he did? …


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