The Top Five Things I Learned While Traveling With Toddlers

  1. It isn’t about you anymore. The two little people in my world called the shots on this trip. When they were tired we took a break. We rode the rides they wanted to go on (even if it meant the same one five times in a row), and we looked at the stuff they wanted to look at. Both my husband and I went into this trip not only aware of this fact, but happily followed their lead.
  2. Vacation brings on a new meaning. When my husband and I vacationed prior to children we slept in late, got eggs benedict for breakfast, had drinks with dinner, and went to bed late after seeing the sights. With kids it’s the exact opposite. Early wake up calls, waffles for breakfast, sight seeing till naptime or a meltdown whichever comes first, and dinner that evitably involves using your fingers to eat it. It might not be fancy and no passport is needed, but I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun.
  3. Like so many other things in life, it is the small stuff that matters.  I was so eager to experience Sesame Place with the kids and they loved it. But then there is the unexpected excitement as adults we forget.   When we got to the hotel, Liam and Ava ran around excitedly checking it out. On the second day when we needed a break mid-day we drove back to the hotel and went in the pool. They were overjoyed. As adults we unfortunately don’t get too many first time experiences so we tend to forget what it is like, but Liam and Ava quickly reminded me how great it is.
  4. There are lessons to be learned even when you aren’t looking for them. Going to Sesame Place was quite frankly a slam dunk for toddlers. The atmosphere and the whole agenda is geared to them.  I had a woman a couple of months ago scoff at me since it was not an educational vacation. Now having experienced this I would argue with her it was an educational experience. Maybe it was not one that ended in learning to read or multiply, but my children were constantly put to the test in patience as they waited on lines to go on rides, share with children in some of the interactive stations, and try new things. It might not be a book education, but I think we under estimate the importance of an education in manners and courtesy.
  5. It is Family Fun Time.   It was non-stop, all day, all night family togetherness. Now is the time to create the strong foundation of family. If we can establish a close knit feeling now, even when the going gets tough in the teenage years, they will always know that we have each other’s back.
    Liam and Zoe at Sesame Place
    Liam and Zoe at Sesame Place

    Ava on the Merry Go Round

I am not going to lie; vacationing with toddlers is not easy. There were temper tantrums, accidents, and full out meltdowns (all which happened in public), but if you can roll with the punches and move past those moments you will discover so many wonderful things. I know that for the kids they had a great time, but for me and Will we created some memories I know we will remember fondly for years to come.


4 thoughts on “The Top Five Things I Learned While Traveling With Toddlers

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  2. I love number three. I’ve been thinking about this one watching my one year olds try new foods for the first time. It is still exciting for us as adults to try new foods, but we get that experience so rarely.

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