Being a Mom after losing a Mom

It has been one month since you left. I am so very lost. Travis, Beatrice and I are not speaking. I feel like I am all alone. I am growing to appreciate Simon and Garfunkel more every day. Sounds of Silence is my new theme song.

I keep thinking about you. Do you see me? What can I do to make things better? Ava’s birthday is tomorrow. There will be a noticeable absence without you. However, to amplify it more Travis, Beatrice and Iris will not be there either. They are already had plans…. I haven’t told Ava yet. She is going to be so upset

I hurt all the time. The pain is palpating. Over the summer I was so consumed with work, the kids, and being with you I am not sure if I had or let myself feel it. But there is a hole in my heart and at the house that cannot be filled.

Dad misses you so much. It breaks my heart but to see the love he has for is inspiring.

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