Get Checked!

I sit here tonight writing about something I openly admit that I know nothing about.  I could type out statistics and spout out facts, but you can Google them yourself.  And although I have never personally gone through it, I doubt anyone would argue with me when I say, “Cancer Sucks.”

There are people in our lives that impact us good and bad.  Sometimes the other person is aware of their influence on our lives, other times not so much.

I went to a small college in the Hudson Valley region of New York.   It was small enough that even though you might not personally know every person, you do recognize their face.  This blog is in particular about one girl who was a grade below me.  She actually was in lot of my now husband’s classes.  She always had a smile on her face.  Even though I did not know her very well it was apparent how friendly, caring, and nice of person she was.  I look back at that time in college and wish now that we had been closer.  I know I would have been a better person then if we had been.

However, I am a better person now because of her.  Because of the wonderful age of social media that we live in today we are friends on Facebook.  I have traveled along her journey through breast cancer.  She is the epitome of courageous, strong, persistent, inspiring, and amazing.  Her honesty in her posts put a face to all of the statistics you read regarding breast cancer.  It is hard not to laugh and cry with her during her triumphs and her bumps in the road.  Her infectious smile and her beautiful family have captivated an audience who are all cheering for her on the sidelines.

While many would take this opportunity to worry about themselves she went a step further and became involved in a beautiful PSA video about getting checked regularly.  I have posted it below.  I urge you to watch it.  While none of us know what the future has in store for any of us, I can guarantee you this, the light the she shines and her fabulousness is and will continue to change lives.


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