A Letter of Love

Dear Liam, Ava, and All Children,

I have three wishes for my dear children and really all children.  Be curious, passionate, and loving.

Liam and the Catepillar Be curious about the world around you.  Don’t shy away from things that are new and different.  Be willing to give these ideas a chance.  Step out of your comfort zone once in awhile, it will be worth a memory or at least a laugh in a few years.  Never stop asking questions.  Try new things and experiment with new ideas.  In exploration you not only find out new and exciting things, but you will find out new things about yourself.  With that learn who you are and love yourself for that.  Do not make excuses for the person you are.  You are wonderful and gifted in your own specific way.  It is hard to always feel comfortable with yourself.  However, if you can find peace and happiness with yourself, trust me you will know contentment that many others around only dream of.

Be passionate.  Find something or many things that drive and excite you.  Don’t let others Ava all smilestell you it’s not important or silly.  Whatever it is that lights you up, go for it and enjoy it.  Passions give us purpose, and drive us to work hard towards a goal.  Passions also make us feel that we have purpose in our lives. Being passionate isn’t just about knowing – it’s also about feeling. That’s what makes passions so important; they give us hope for a happy and exciting future.  Don’t hold back on your emotions.  Get excited.  Being passionate is a risk, but even if it doesn’t work out you will feel fulfilled.

And of course be loving.  Love with all of your might.  First learn to love yourself fully.  Once you can do this you will be able to give and receive love from others.  There will be different forms of love in your love.  Love of family, friends, a significant SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESother, but love these people entirely for who they are too.  Do not hold onto those who do not love you back in the same way.  You will be hurt at times from those you love.  Forgive and let go.  Don’t let those bad experiences ruin future opportunities to love.  To love is to be alive.  Do not be ashamed of your love.  To give love to someone is the sincerest gift you can give.  Love is what heals wounds and overcomes differences.

I love you both dearly and wish you both a lifetime of curiosity, passion, and love.


Love always,



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