Happy Father’s Day

By definition everyone knows what a father is, but that really does not do justice to what describes a father.  A father is someone who helps the mother through the nine months of pregnancy without ever complaining about it.  A father is terrified and thrilled the day his child is born.  A father is the one who changes diapers, helps with feedings, and hands the car keys to the mother when he can tell she needs to get out of the house.  A father is one who praises and celebrates the first words, first steps, potty training, and all of the other milestones and is excited about it.  A father is someone who comes home from work and immediately drops everything to find where the kids are hiding (even if it is the same spot as the day before).  A father is the one who is completely exhausted from a day at work, but still takes the kids outside to play.  A father is the guy in the suit who rushed from his job to see his kids in their sport.  A father is the one who every year takes his daughter to the dress rehearsal of her dance recital and tapes it (he also on the way home will take her for ice cream, as their little secret).  A father is the one who with mixed emotions of happiness and sadness will give his daughter away on her wedding day.

I am very lucky.  The father examples I described above are the fathers that are in my life.  My husband, father, and father-in-law are all constant suppliers of love and support.  It is not an easy job and often exhausting with little shown appreciation. Take time to thank the father (or father figures) in your life and know that every step of the way he was proud of you.  Happy Father’s Day!!!!




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