To the Momma of the Miscarried Child

This is beautful and well put.

Mom Life Now


Mother’s day: we celebrate the wonderful moms in our lives, eating, laughing, smelling flowers and consuming boxes of chocolate. . .

What about the childless mothers?

I have a friend who finally found out she was pregnant after several months of trying. This mother’s day she is mourning the loss of her child through miscarriage. To her, Sunday will be a slap in the face. A reminder of what she does not have.

To those whose hearts are broken from miscarriage this day, it is okay to weep, to mourn the barren womb.

Do not think for one second, however, this day is not just as much a celebration of you.

You are a mom. You brought a soul into eternity. A life now dancing at heaven’s gates, awaiting your arrival. You may not kiss your sweet darling’s face today, yet you are her mother, the most beautiful of mothers. You are his…

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